Our Escape Rooms

Our 5 themed escape rooms at Novus feature 100% original storylines, varying levels of difficulty, unique and unrepeated puzzles, and not to mention all the important wow-factor. Some rooms are even required to climb up to the second floor.

Project Fallout (Family Friendly)

Project Fallout, an aptly named weapon of mass destruction is reported missing along with the group of scientists working on it. You wake up to find that you have no memory of who or where you are, but you are being interrogated by unknown authorities about a weapon you have no recollection of. You heard the authorities say that you wiped out your own memory before their arrival. Now you know that you have to escape from their captivity and find out who you are, and what happened. Recommended players:  6 Difficulty level: 3/10 Physical: Minor Crawling

Chamber of Hocus (For Beginners)

Mr. Hocus, a notorious criminal who dabbles in the art of magic and uses it in his crimes, has again escaped unscathed from a heist. The hallmark of all his crimes are playing cards bearing the message ‘Hocus Pocus, can you find Hocus?’ He is known to be a dangerous man with a wicked sense of humor. In your search for this wanted magician, you and your team have stumbled into his mysterious Chamber of Hocus in hopes of capturing him once and for all… Recommended players:  5 Difficulty level: 4/10 Physical: Minor Crawling

Dreadnought (Intermediate)

127 years ago, the world survived a catastrophic ice age known as the Whiteout and is now going through the aftermath of this global crisis, which blanketed lands with water and reduced the human population by large numbers. Nations now live on giant arks known as Dreadnought, which are able to sustain ecosystem and life on a smaller scale. Only a small percentage of land remains and every 20 years, candidates will be picked at random to be transported to this land to live out their remaining lives. Being the chosen ones this time, you and the rest board the transport vessel with glimmering excitement to finally see land for the first time. Recommended players:  8 Difficulty level: 6/10 Physical: Minor Crawling

Materia Medica (Challenging)

A mysterious physician called Han appeared in the small town of Wu Shan one day and immediately became famous among villagers for his remarkable medicine and healing abilities. As the previous top physician in the village, you are determined to find out the secret of this mysterious man’s background and the ingredients of his miraculous medicine. On a quiet evening, while the physician is away on an errand, you quickly sneak in with your assistants to gather what information you can in hopes of recreating the same medicine.   Recommended players:  5 Difficulty level: 7.5/10 Physical: Minor Crawling

The Testament of Tesla (Hardest)

In 1883, Nikola Tesla revealed his first prototype for creating free energy for the world. However, due to the dominating influence of the oil and gas industrialist Hewitt & Co., Tesla was forced to stop his research and was publicly labeled insane. As Tesla predicted that natural resources would soon deplete and plunge the world into darkness, he continued to secretly build a power plant able to generate large amounts of electricity in hopes that when the time came, mankind would be prepared. Decades later, the world plunged into darkness due to depleted natural resources. As the descendants of Tesla, you’ve been passed a mysterious will from your caretaker that contains information that will help you to once again bring light to humanity.  Recommended players:  6 Difficulty level: 8.5/10 Physical: Heavy Crawling