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First Character based Escape Room in the world

(Middletown City, Missouri) Novus Escape Room is the first character based escape room in the world, offering players the opportunity to play as one of our eight different characters, each with its own unique and vital super power. The introduction of character play allows players a variety of choices and dynamic new ways to play their game, whether they need more time, hints, or even answers.


The Light Bringer: Bears the responsibility of bringing light to dark areas and may choose to sacrifice their power for a hint at any point in the game.


The Oracle: Just like any physic the Oracle will get a glimpse of the future and may even see how, in some ways, the room is laid out and get hints to many of the puzzles before they ever step foot into the room. Using their strong memory skills the Oracle will have the ability to guide the team members, to help focus on important aspects, and to avoid many of the distractions in the room.

Novus Character - TIme Bender

The Time Bender: All our games are designed for 45 min. Not only will the Time Bender keep the time and move their team along, but they will also have the unique ability to be able to add an additional 5 minutes onto the clock at the end of the given 45 minutes. However, the Time Bender may choose to sacrifice his or her time adding the ability for a hint at any point during the game.

Novus Character - Scholar

The Scholar: Like any other learned person the Scholar holds unique information that only they know. Using their strong memory skills the Scholar will know how many puzzles there are, how difficult each puzzle is, and whether it is a physical puzzle or not, offering the team the opportunity to optimize their time and hints or answers.

Novus Character - Lock Master

Lock Master: The Lock Master carries the key to one difficult puzzle in the room. After encountering the puzzle marked with the “Lock Master symbol” the player may choose to reveal that answer and move on or they may choose to wait and trade in their ability at a later point on any puzzle of their choosing. The Lock Master offers the team either a direct answer or a hint depending on how the team chooses to play.

Novus Character - Assasin

The Assassin: Often the last resort, the Assassin may sacrifice another player’s super power for a direct answer on any puzzle of the team’s choosing. However, the Assassin’s power comes at a cost to the team. Not only will the player the Assassin chose to sacrifice lose their power, but they will also be removed from the game for 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes is up the player may rejoin the game, but their power will not be restored.

Novus Character - Healer

The Healer: Working together with the Assassin, the Healer uses their power to restore powers lost and to keep players from having to be removed from the game. The Assassin elects to sacrifice a player for an answer, but the Healer may step in to keep the player in the game with their ability while also still receiving a direct answer.

 Novus Character - gemini

The Gemini: Often thought of as a “wild card,” the Gemini has the power to clone the super power of any other character, with the exception of Lock Master and Assassin, at any point in the game. The Gemini, depending on the team’s choices offers the ability to add even more time, to create the Healer if need be, or to clone for more hints. The Gemini’s powers can be used in any number of different ways, from creating characters that the team didn’t elect to use to doubling down on another player’s super power. How the Gemini uses its power is up to you and your team.









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