(Middletown City, Missouri) 10th Sept 2016 – NOVUS Escape Room has opened on 10th September 2016 to the locals in Middletown City with 5 theme rooms.  The locals can now experience the first ever character based escape game in the world.

Launching 5 escape theme rooms MR OSWALD’S GREATEST SHOW, MATERIA MEDICA, and TERRAFORM, TESTAMENT OF TESLA and WAR FOR REMBRANDT, locals in Middletown City now get to experience 5 different themes with different level of difficulty and a movie-like escape game with new innovations with a little bit of RPG or role-playing.

Characters were introduced in real escape game enhances game play strategy among players, creating a more intense atmosphere where a twist on decision-making becomes a new and crucial part of the game. Each character comes with their own perks, and players are designated with an individual responsibility to help the team Breakout. Character abilities can also be paired strategically to form the perfect team to tackle different game cubes so that players can achieve minimal completion time.

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